Great News

£2000 won

One of our supporters won £2000 on the Twincl Lottery. Yes, for the £1 lottery ticket 50p was sent to us and they won £2000

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Since the first draw on 2/07/2018 Twincl has paid to SNCT £8842.48 and our supporters have won £4250.

A big thank you to the 64 supporters currently buying 134 tickets per week. Hopefully now a few more of you can help to make it even more of a success.

As an extra incentive for this month the draw on the 24th April will include a special prize of a £1000 Currys PC World voucher.

Of every £1 paid into the lottery 60p goes to good causes. the other 40p is used to pay for running the lottery and an insurance that pays out the prizes. No prizes are shared. Hence if 2 or more people get all six numbers right then every one of them wins the top prize of £25,000. Unlike many other ‘charity’ lotteries that share prizes or have much lower prize levels.

The National Lottery which has much bigger prizes costs more and pays approximately only 27p per pound to good causes

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