Saint Gobain PAM at Ketley has cast 5 new metal windows to replace the 200-year-old ones that had rusted beyond repair in the small warehouse. These critical items were provided free of charge and the Trust is extremely grateful to Technical Manager, Simon Higgins, for his generosity in making this possible. It’s probable that the original windows were made here too. The vital patterns for the windows were made by volunteer Dave Moore who used to work at the Ketley company many years ago.

Here is one of the patterns made by Dave Moore on his kitchen table!
The molten iron is poured into the mould made from the pattern
Here is the team that made it happen. L-R Dave Moore, Simon Higgins, Callum Smart, George Lees and Michael Barnett.

The windows have been transported to Wappenshall and will be fitted in the coming days. Our grateful thanks go to St Gobain PAM team for making this happen.

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