Our amazing team of volunteers have managed to move the restoration of the butty nb BERKHAMPSTEAD on significantly. The exterior of the hull has been needle gunned and wire brushed and three coats of blacking applied. The rubbing guards around the fore end and the stern have been removed, the steel work under them cleaned up and the integrity checked, then refitted. 19 “pits” have been welded up and ground back, two patches have been fitted, four holes welded up where there were previous through hull fittings, the gunwhales have been needle gunned, painted with primer and a top coat applied (to protect the steel work until the wooden gunwhales are fitted). The cabin top has been taken back to bare metal, rust inhibitor applied and a coat of holding primer added. Inside the hold area the hull sides have been prepared and some primer applied. A hull survey was undertaken, a set of four anodes fitted and the “bullseye” refitted on the cabin top. Well done to all involved!

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Berkhampstead in the Dry Dock at Norbury Wharf Ltd

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