Monday 28th October 2019 will go down as one of the most significant dates for our Thomas Telford @ Wappenshall Wharf project. Phase 1 of Plan B will see the smaller warehouse restored and transformed into a quality Coffee Shop/Bistro that will include putting the building back into its original heritage setting by having the East Basin re-watered. To do this involves the removal of 1,600 cubic metres of spoil and this has now begun. Mssrs SAMCO started the task yesterday and it will take approximately 2 weeks to complete. Sincere thanks go to DENSO Manufacturing UK for the sponsorship of this major step forward. Members are asked not to visit the wharf during this period, as there will be heavy machinery in use and a lot of trucks coming in and out of the site.

Big Boy’s toys!
The first of many truck loads is ready to leave site.

This short video is almost balletic! What skilled excavator drivers can do!


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