After a monumental effort from the Wappenshall Team over Friday 18th and Saturday 19th October we managed to prepare the ground floor of the small warehouse, plus the floor of its new toilet block ready to receive 11 cu metres of concrete today. Here Marion Weir and Dennis Jones (Marion is the pretty one!) put the finishing touches to the Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) in the “services” corner of the floor.

After getting the whole floor and toilet block floor covered with the DPM, we were ready for the concrete! This is what it looked like immediately after the three experienced concrete levellers, supplied by member Mike Mee, had done their thing with some assistance from Jim Weir and Steve Heise (because they have had a lot of experience of wheel-barrowing on this job!)

The Toilet Block floor was given a similar treatment and ended up looking like this:

Just need to wait for it to set now, before putting in the insulation and screed – then we can carefully replace all the lovely original quarry tiles!

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