Thank you Twincl for £7655

Telford and Wrekin Community Lottery

I’d like to thank our brilliant supporters. Together they have got us to our record number of lottery tickets sold at 132 each week. Now just 18 tickets short of our target of 150 per week.

That means that Twincl lottery tickets are now earning SNCT £3,432 each year. We have already received £7655 from the sale of these lottery tickets. This money goes towards buying materials for our incredible volunteers to carry out their important works.

Our supporters have won over £2000, quite a bit of which was donated to the trust. An extra very special thank you to them.

Twincl lottery tickets are still only £1 per week and donate 60p to good causes, 50p of which goes to your choice of good cause, SNCT of course. Plus the small matter of; you could win £25,000. That’s worth winning I think you’ll agree.

It is so easy to buy tickets:

You can go online at and look up canal trust or you can simply ring them at 01952 327788. Anyone in the country can do this so if you live anywhere between Lands End and John O’Groats you can sign up and help us to continue the great work of restoring our canals and buildings.

Don’t forget only 18 more tickets to reach our target. How many will you buy?

Thank you and good luck to all existing supporters and you too if you choose to join us.

Alan Boney

Did you know that the National Lottery gives just 24p per £1 to charity. Camelot’s profits rose 122 per cent, or £39 million, between 2009-’17, to £71 million. However over the same period, the amount it gave to good causes rose just 2% and fell by 15% in the last financial year.*

  • *these figures supplied by Prize Provision Services

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