The SNCT Team of Julia Olsen and Trustees David Ray, Stephen Kearney and Phil Jones battled through some awful dreary weather yesterday to get the two historic narrowboats, Bainton and Berkhamstead, to the half way point of their journey to Norbury Junction. Casting off at 0600 Hrs, they did not stop until journey’s end at 1900 Hrs; a hard day’s steering under normal conditions. But with the rain and much lower temperatures, it was a real challenge. Keeping the log burner going to make hot drinks and toast was a job in itself, but this was all the sustenance they had time for. Getting hot drinks from the cabin of the towed butty to the stern of the motor boat without spilling them was an interesting exercise. A great team effort, which I am sure we all applaud!

Taken from the Butty’s stern, there, 72 feet in front, are David and Phil on the motor boat.

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