The regular Friday and Saturday work parties at Wappenshall saw the team hard at work on 17th October removing the remainder of the timber formwork from the retaining wall base, de-nailing it and removing the set concrete from it ready to re-use. This was mostly completed for the second and final section of the retaining wall base, just leaving the shuttering that has been removed from the basin slabs to be de-nailed/de-concreted so we can re-use it for the next slabs. A new drainage system was also installed to divert the rainwater that runs in to the basin from the car park area.

William de-nailing timbers with Marion and Martin removing timber from the wall base
Marion and Martin “de-concreting” some timber
Dave, Steve and Bernie readying the shuttering for the new rainwater diversion drain
The concrete is in and shaped towards the gulley pot drain

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