There was a slight change of plan last week with the restoration of our historic boats, as the work party day had to be changed to Thursday instead of the usual Friday. But a good turnout of volunteers certainly moved things on. With the support from CRT, who have allowed us to use their mooring, Berkhamstead’s (note the spelling with no ‘p’ and a second ‘a’ which we are advised is correct) restoration has been significantly progressed.

A tired Sue Blake takes a rest after scraping yet more rust from the hull’s bottom.
David Ray (in the foreground) is suitably impressed with progress, whilst Phil Jones (next to David) and John Haynes discuss the next jobs. Anne Jones sympathises with Sue Blake!
William Jones (no relation!) finishes painting the cabin floor.

If you can help with this restoration project, or would like to donate towards the funds for materials, please contact Phil Jones or 07935 134116, who will be pleased to hear from you.

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