Mary De Saulles

Dear friends and contacts of Mary de Saulles, sadly, as her sons, it falls to us to tell you that Mary passed away in the early hours of 17th June. She died peacefully at home with both of us, Martin & Stephen, by her side.

Mary did not die of the coronavirus but rather of complications resulting from the recurrence of a long-standing illness.

Mary gathered many friends and acquaintances across the decades, and we hope that you will forgive us in approaching you with such news in this manner. With so many contacts in her address books, we wanted to inform as many of those who knew Mary as possible.

Due to current restrictions, we are limited to only ten people at the funeral which, unfortunately, forces us to exclude many who were close to Mary.
The Service will be at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday 8th July.

Again, not something we would do in normal circumstances, but it will be possible to join the funeral by viewing a live “Webcast”. We would invite anyone who shares our loss and who wishes to view the funeral, to respond to to obtain the code and website address.
(It will also be available to view for several days afterwards for those unable to watch the ceremony live.)

We hope that a more inclusive celebration of Mary’s life will be possible later in the year, probably at the house she helped rebuild with our late father, Patrick, allowing for a greater number of attendees.

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