NW Waterway Recovery Group Weekend 6-8 March

We had a good, productive and muddy weekend with our friends from North West Waterway Recovery Group (NWWRG) at the Berwick Cutting. The last of the large timbers were removed from the canal and much smaller debris was pulled out with grappling hooks. The weather for a change stayed mostly dry which was a great help.

View of work along Berwick cutting.

The Waterway Recovery Group kindly provided the necessary operator training on our excavator meaning that more of our own volunteers can now operate the machine.

Excavator Training

We are also proud of the fact that we were using on-site material in support of our work. In this case Ian can be seen splitting trunks using wedges, to make our own rustic planks. These particular ones are being used to reinforce the canal bank.

Splitting trunks to reinforce the canal bank.

We are very grateful for all the help of the NW Waterways Recovery Group on this and other occasions. Many thanks team – hope to see you all again soon.

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