On arguably one of the worst weekends of weather for many years, the Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) Forestry Team arrived to help progress the work at Berwick Tunnel’s South West Portal. The Shrewsbury Support Group (SSG) volunteers had done much to open up the towpath towards the portal from Widow’s Bridge over the past months and the WRGies brought the necessary equipment to remove some of the very large trees that have fallen across the canal.

The WRGies bringing their equipment along the cleared towpath

The water level in the canal was very high after the extremely heavy rainfall over night, courtesy of Storm Dennis. This also made things extremely muddy!

The WRGies get to work!

Despite high winds, the enthusiasm from all concerned was something to behold. The amount of work completed in the two and a half days the Forestry Group was with us was truly inspirational.

And finally the Portal is exposed.

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